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Plus, a special message from PTMSC Executive Director Janine Boire.
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Octopress Online

July 2020


Just a few among millions of Dungeness megalops (baby crabs) discovered on Cape George Beach by our intrepid volunteer Wendy Feltham.
According to Sean McDonald, Ph.D. of Washington Sea Grant's Crab Team, "mass settlement events are super fun to see and ephemeral, especially on bare sand/mud substrates. Most of these crabs will disperse or be eaten within days - predation and cannibalism can be extreme." Photo by Wendy Feltham

In Partnership with Puget Sound Express


Summer is here (yes really)!

And so are more chances to spot puffins in the Protection Island Aquatic Reserve. For those of you who are ready to get out on the water, Puget Sound Express has adopted measures in keeping with Washington State and Jefferson County COVID Safe mandates including requiring mask-wearing aboard their vessels and decreasing capacity to allow for social distancing on all vessels.

Click here for more on Puget Sound Express Healthy and Safety Measures


Upcoming Sailing Dates:

Friday, July 3

Saturdays, July 11, 18, 25

Saturdays, August 1, 8


via the Puget Sound Express website





click the image for the full report


We are pleased to present our Annual Report, now available online.

In the report intro, Executive Director, Janine Boire announces, "because of the continued urgency of our mission to inspire conservation of the Salish Sea, the Board and I are pleased to report that, in 2019, midway through our 10-year strategic plan, we were on track to double our impact by 2025."

We debuted the Annual Report during our Annual Meeting (via Zoom) on June 23rd (watch video here).

The meeting featured the following presentations: 

  • The Abalone Project by Aquarium Curator Ali Redman 
  • The Octopus Learning Project by AmeriCorps Educator Marley Loomis 
  • The Elephant Seal Project by Citizen Science Coordinator Betsy Carlson 
  • Elephant Seal Bones Presentation by AmeriCorps Educator Mandi Johnson

Watch the video to learn more about how we inspired conservation of the Salish Sea in 2019.


We hosted our Annual Meeting for the first time ever on Zoom!

Click the image to watch the video



Peek of the Week is a Facebook LIVE video each week at the same time featuring something interesting happening around PTMSC. 

Next event:

"Baby Fish Show and Tell"
July 2 at 2 PM


Volunteer Jenna Kinghorn documents the tireless work of the aquarium Home Crew (now on hold under pandemic requirements).

The crew will return when the time is right. “'I can’t wait,' volunteer Dana Africa says. 'I’m ready to get excited about things again.'”



This week is the start of Plastic Free July!

Join in on our fun and informative weekly challenges to kick those pesky plastic waste habits! Starting July 1st, check out our blog, social media or Online Learning Page for challenges and extra resources! 




Sunday July 5th
Low of -2.7 ft @ 10:40am
(posting time: ~10:00am - 11:00am)
 Find on Instagram Live! 

May 26th & June 7th 
 Now available on Instagram! 

Join us (remotely) for a series of online streaming Low Tide Walk events! Instead of our usual public programs, we’re going to be hosting a social-distancing friendly version. You can participate from home via social media during the scheduled event time, or visit a local tide pooling spot near you (while following current social distancing and recreation safety guidelines) for a self-guided experience. 

Tune in to the Stories on our Instagram page @ptmarinescictr during the scheduled program time for broadcasts from local tidepools. Stories are visible from your mobile device or web browser if you’re logged in to Instagram; stories are visible for 24 hours after being posted, and will be saved as Highlights after that. Our May 26th AND June 7 Low Tide Walks are already posted on Instagram Live!

Want to participate from a distance? Click on our blog post link below and find out about tidepooling locations in our area, tidepool etiquette, plus get a scavenger hunt to take with you!


Anne Murphy Scholarship WINNER

Port Townsend High School student Anika Pearl Hart Avelino was awarded the Anne Murphy Ocean Stewards Scholarship at a ceremony on June 8. 


“I would love it if more of my life was dedicated to marine and freshwater species conservation,” Avelino said. “Through my internship with salmon—a crucial keystone species—I have again realized how much I enjoy being outdoors, especially when I get to learn about what role different flora and fauna play in the natural world."

Meet The New Interns!

Meet Erin Merklein

"Hello! I recently graduated from the University of Wisconsin- La Crosse with a bachelor’s degree in biology and a minor in technical writing. I am from the Milwaukee area and although I love the Midwest, I have always wanted to explore the ocean more. My interest first started after watching the movie Free Willy around age 8 and ever since then I have been obsessed with killer whales and the ocean! My interest in biology grew even more throughout my time at college when I got to work in labs and volunteer with organizations. Last fall I created a nature guide for the La Crosse Marsh while working with a non-profit group. I really loved the work of blending science and writing to communicate science in a more approachable way. Otherwise I love being outside, hiking, reading and would love to learn how to roller skate and kayak better. I am extremely excited to explore Port Townsend and learn many new things!"

Meet Gabe Meyer

"My name is Gabe, and I am graduating from Brigham Young University - Hawaii this winter with a degree in Marine Biology and Conservation Biology.  I was born in Mesa, Arizona, but I have been living on Marrowstone Island on and off since I was 10.  I didn’t really understand the importance of conservation and environmental protection until I moved to Washington and realized the need to protect what precious natural treasures we have. I have worked in Hawaii with translocating Black-footed Albatross, and I try to spend as much time as possible to help preserve local ecosystems. In my spare time, I love to SCUBA dive, kayak and hike. I am also very excited to be one of the PTMSC Summer interns!"



Now "assembled" and ready to view!

To commemorate the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, we asked our community to participate in an Orca ART-iculation. 

Over 30 creators from the Port Townsend community (and beyond!) have joined our project to virtually recreate the skeleton of Hope, PTMSC’s transient orca. 

View an interactive PDF and videos below!


Discover PTMSC's original activities that will keep you and your child inspired to learn more about Salish Sea science!

We also provide links to other K-12 online learning resources to keep you and your children engaged--the perfect antidote to cabin fever! 

Check out our continuously updated offerings!



Be the envy of your next Zoom meeting!

We are providing these backgrounds of volunteer Wendy Feltham's amazing photography.



CARES Act Encourages Giving

Congress included a way to make it easier to donate to the causes you care about by including these provisions in the CARES Act:

  • $300 of charitable giving (cash) is deductible even if you don't itemize
  • If you do itemize, the deductible limit is raised from 60% to 100% of adjusted gross income
  • Finally, the government has sent out checks of $1,200 to most Americans. Many people who can afford to do so, are paying these funds forward to support organizations they love.

If you have questions, contact Liesl Slabaugh, Development and Marketing Director at lslabaugh@ptmsc.org



PTMSC - Always available on Social Media

Though our exhibits aren't open, you can always find us 24/7/365 on Facebook and Instagram. Follow us as we move through the days ahead--together we will continue to inspire conservation of the Salish Sea!


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