Plus, a special message from PTMSC Executive Director Janine Boire.
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Octopress Online

June 2020

A great blue heron. photo by Wendy Feltham


Dear Friends, 

More than ever, I hope you are finding hope and inspiration in the bright spots: law enforcement officers walk alongside protestors, Houston's Chief of Police speaking truth to power, and the countless acts of compassion and solidarity that are also true while we face, head on this country's deeply ingrained racism.

My original comments for our Octopress to reassure you that PTMSC was weathering the COVID-19 period well, which we are, seemed irrelevant and tone deaf. After reflection though I was reminded that the strength of our small organization lies in the unity of purpose for a brighter future. It is that solidarity of purpose in dismantling the structural injustices of our society that will build the foundation for a brighter future for all. We are reminded by these historical events unfolding in the middle of a pandemic that everything is connected and that we cannot overcome the coronavirus, nor achieve a healthy Salish Sea, without addressing difficult social injustices that are deeply embedded in our culture.  

We stand with all those who are working for a just and equitable United States of America. 

Thank you for all you do,

Janine Boire

Executive Director

Be well,

Janine Boire
Executive Director
Port Townsend Marine Science Center 



Now "assembled" and ready to view!


To commemorate the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, we asked our community to participate in an Orca ART-iculation. 

Over 30 creators from the Port Townsend community (and beyond!) have joined our project to virtually recreate the skeleton of Hope, PTMSC’s transient orca. 

View an interactive PDF and videos below!





PTMSC Executive Director Janine Boire

(with silly marine animal hat)


Tuesday, June 23

4 - 5 PM

You are invited to join us via Zoom for our Annual Meeting! The meeting will feature:

  • Release of the 2019 Annual Report

  • Highlights from Janine Boire, Executive Director

  • "Show and Tell" by PTMSC staff via mobile devices

  • Interactive activities

You are encouraged to come wearing a silly marine animal hat!! 




Tuesday May 26th
 Now available on Instagram! 

Sunday June 7th
Low of -2.9 ft @ 11:40am
(posting time: ~11:15am - 12:15pm)
 Find on Instagram Live! 

Sunday July 5th
Low of -2.7 ft @ 10:40am
(posting time: ~10:00am - 11:00am)
 Find on Instagram Live! 

Join us (remotely) for a series of online streaming Low Tide Walk events! Instead of our usual public programs, we’re going to be hosting a social-distancing friendly version. You can participate from home via social media during the scheduled event time, or visit a local tide pooling spot near you (while following current social distancing and recreation safety guidelines) for a self-guided experience. 

Tune in to the Stories on our Instagram page @ptmarinescictr during the scheduled program time for broadcasts from local tidepools. Stories are visible from your mobile device or web browser if you’re logged in to Instagram; stories are visible for 24 hours after being posted, and will be saved as Highlights after that. Our May 26th Low Tide Walk is already posted on Instagram Live!

Want to participate from a distance? Click on our blog post link below and find out about tidepooling locations in our area, tidepool etiquette, plus get a scavenger hunt to take with you!


LIVE from the Aquarium

In our aquarium, spring is in the air: there are new creatures in our tanks.

In our latest Facebook LIVE feed, our aquarium curator Ali Redman will guide you through the tanks on a personalized tour!


Click the link below for more, and don't forget to check out the article from the Port Townsend Leader!C


Even though our aquarium is closed to the public, we can still bring the aquarium happenings to you!


Our staff, who continue to work every day while following all safe-distance protocols, are fully engaged in creating programs that celebrate the joy and wonder of science.


From a Bio-Blitz citizen science project that allows for social distancing, to social media posts that feature an up-close look at the marine animals in the aquarium, the Center is providing people with virtual experiences that use the power of science to inspire.

(no Facebook account needed
to view the tour)


When a Cancelled Field Trip


Carolyn's Plankton Lab powerpoint.


Mandi and the microscope, in the Aquarium via Zoom, sharing some of the findings from the light trap.


Like organizations around the world, PTMSC has been rethinking its programs and moving online. Some of those programs so far have included two presentations with the Port Townsend Library's Creative Kid's Cafe and virtual learning for exhibit docents and greeters. 

This past Friday, Carolyn Woods and AmeriCorps educator Mandi Johnson presented the Plankton Lab class to Freeman High School's AP Biology class.

This May would have been Freeman's 28th visit to PTMSC for a field trip. Sadly this year's class wasn't able to come and experience it in person, but Carolyn and Mandi worked together to bring the program to them via Zoom.

Carolyn presented from her home, and Mandi from the Aquarium. They did an amazing job, not just in the presentation but also in engaging the students. There was lots of good participation, and quite a bit of wonder at the plankton and other samples from the light trap that Mandi was able to show them, and at the feeding adaptations demonstrated as Mandi fed animals in the exhibit. Kudos to both Mandi and Carolyn!



As featured in our Aquarium Update:

China Rockfish
Sebastes nebulosus

In our aquarium: Central Tank, Kelp Forest

  • Relatively solitary and sedentary (except during mating season when they may pair up, as seen above)
  • Longevity: more research is needed, but may live to 79 years
  • Color: navy blue to black body with white specks and yellow mottling, distinctive yellow stripe down body
  • Size: grows to reaches a total length of 45 cm (17.7 in)
  • Habitat: Rocky reef, often in crevices, and frequently found sharing dens with giant pacific octopuses! Found at depths of 30-800 feet, but most common above 330 feet.
  • Range: Gulf of Alaska to southern California
  • Reproduction: reach sexual maturity between 3 and 6 years. Undergo internal fertilization, giving birth to live larvae
  • After settling as juveniles, they typically stay within 30 square feet for the rest of their life!

Sign up for our Aquarium Update!


Discover PTMSC's original activities that will keep you and your child inspired to learn more about Salish Sea science!

We also provide links to other K-12 online learning resources to keep you and your children engaged--the perfect antidote to cabin fever! 

Check out our continuously updated offerings!



Be the envy of your next Zoom meeting!

We are providing these backgrounds of volunteer Wendy Feltham's amazing photography.



CARES Act Encourages Giving

Congress included a way to make it easier to donate to the causes you care about by including these provisions in the CARES Act:

  • $300 of charitable giving (cash) is deductible even if you don't itemize
  • If you do itemize, the deductible limit is raised from 60% to 100% of adjusted gross income
  • Finally, the government has sent out checks of $1,200 to most Americans. Many people who can afford to do so, are paying these funds forward to support organizations they love.

If you have questions, contact Liesl Slabaugh, Development and Marketing Director at



PTMSC - Always available on Social Media

Though our exhibits aren't open, you can always find us 24/7/365 on Facebook and Instagram. Follow us as we move through the days ahead--together we will continue to inspire conservation of the Salish Sea!


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